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Hello everyone! Over the weekend I received a pretty Mother’s Day 2 gallon tin filled with a variety of flavored popcorn from Popcornoplois! I was pleasantly surprised and who doesn’t like snacking on popcorn especially during these uncertain times, oh my! I have been personally snacking on all things sweet too because that’s my thing and popcorn is one of my favorite treats! I also surprised my mom with a tin as well and she was too excited to receive. She told me that it arrived on Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day and she snacked while watching her favorite tv shows. Her and I loved the cute design of the tin and the flavors that were inside.

We both received:

Kettle Corn: (My favorite) Crunchy and has a sweet and salty taste to it.

Zebra Popcorn: Stripes of dark and white confectioners chocolate, really tasty.

Strawberry & Cream: Creamy and berrylicious, so good!

Here is a sample of a Mother’s Day Floral 5 cone popcorn gift basket, the Mother’s Day tin is sold out but they have others available.¬†Use code SHIP2U for free shipping now-May 15th.

With the tins, you can definitely create your own as well! I’m eyeing for the next go round the lemon heaven flavored popcorn and red velvet for summer time, they look really good! I have a few events that’s coming up. I am hoping that I can still have my Annual Girls Night In where I can invite my girlfriends out and they can try these amazing popcorn flavors as well. They are great for gift ideas like for graduations, weddings, baby showers or birthday parties!

I did something really special for my neighbors recently during quarantining as well. I hung popcorn cones on their doorknobs and they were wondering who did it lol. They eventually figured it out that it was me because during this pandemic, I have been posting big signs on my front door to stay positive and keep smiling. They all loved the treats and thanked me. Visit the website if you have never heard of Popcornopolis, they have so many great things going on with lots of treats, tell em I sent yah! xoxo





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