Popular African American Baby Names For 2024

Some of you may know but if you didn’t, my daughter is expecting her second child by the end of the summer! She unveiled the news yesterday which was Mother’s Day with a full-on photoshoot! Parenthood is an incredible journey filled with love, joy, and endless precious moments. I am wishing my daughter Tyra and my son-in-law Markeefe the best as they embark on this wonderful adventure together! They have a fabulous name picked out that I find very different and some of you may know my grandson Legend is ecstatic right now but informed me that his little brother can only play with one of his toys for now lol! I wanted to share with you a few baby names that’s popular this year!

Popular African American names for babies in 2024 might include a mix of traditional and modern choices, often drawing inspiration from African roots or cultural significance. These names often reflect a blend of cultural heritage, personal preference, and contemporary trends within the African American community.

Here are some examples inside…

For Boys:
1. Malik
2. Isaiah
3. Amir
4. Jayden
5. Kaden

For Girls:
1. Aaliyah
2. Nia
3. Zuri
4. Amara
5. Khloe


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