Rant Of The Day: I DO NOT Blog For FREE, Let Me Explain Why!


For my fellow bloggers out there that have experienced this and may be a bit shy to actually blog about it, this is for you and for those that just may not know how blogging all works(or how I operate). I am not trying to be mean, arrogant or whatever you may be thinking but I am just one of those type of people that keep it all the way 100 and if you don’t know and I don’t tell you, then we are not moving in the right direction, right? I know blogging is still practically new and really only been around and taken serious a few years ago. That’s why I am here to school you! With that being said.. let me explain to you why I do not blog for free!

A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).

Atleast twice a day I get proposals, pitches etc from brands, marketing co’s or pr people asking me to post things on my site. But first, I have to back peddle a bit on why I think there is a bit of confusion on where bloggers stand, true journalist and all of this mess as it pertains to blogging with this world of new social media.

I am NOT a journalist and never wanted to be one. I am a Professional Blogger that works in the media. I work for myself independently. Some of you may not think blogging is a real job and thats fine, I beg to differ though and have done quite well and know others who have too. I do not have a boss or someone else I report to. It’s just me. I have no assistant, manager, or publicist.  My blog is NOT free to run and I take it seriously. I post daily, as you can tell. I pay hundreds of dollars to keep my site up and running smoothly yearly. Ok, we got that cleared up, let’s move on.

So that leads me to this. Journalist/Editors most of the time work for publishers, news outlets, websites and some contribute independently. They are always looking for articles to print or post to news sites etc. So in so many words, they are always looking for hot topics and people to write about then place in magazines or put on blog sites. So by them getting “paid” to write these articles, ofcourse they will post and come out and cover events etc with no charge. They need to do that to make money and earn a living.

Me on the other hand, I blog what I “feel like” blogging about. My site is called, “Talking With Tami” and I give my personal opinion on a lot of things, people and places. I pick and choose what I want to blog about and what fits my site and demographics. You get it now, do you see the difference?

Another thing, if I come out to cover any type of event, its most likely going to cost me! I do not live in the City of Atlanta. I have to commute and that means gas. I don’t get to turn in my miles report and get reimbursed for driving around town like the journalist/reporters do. I have to get ready, that means hair, makeup, outfit for the event that I have to pay for, its not free. I have to put gas in my car and pay for the parking when I arrive, thats not free either.

So every time I get those invites via email, I have to really think if it will benefit me in some sorta way. Now I sort through all the emails with a fine tooth comb. I am very selective as to what I want to cover, who I want to be associated with etc. I hate to say that but it’s the honest truth and I hate wasting my time with some of these events.  Me and other bloggers feel the same way. Will this event/person or thing gain me more traffic to my site that will lead to me getting more revenue? I  have to take all of this into consideration. Or I think, what is the relationship I have with this brand, publicists etc? Sometimes I will come out just for networking opportunities or loyalty but it still all depends on the situation. Sometimes I won’t but it’s never personal just business. Yes I can write most of these things off on my taxes at the end of the year, but again, I have to foot bill upfront beforehand. Most of the blogging stuff I do is not tax deductible either. I found out a few years ago!

Some brands get it right though and take care of bloggers and have great accommodations for you to make the experience more enjoyable and who wouldn’t love working with someone like that. Some brands have all-expense paid trips with per diems daily while some ask you your rates to place things on your site. Each are very unique and handle business different. Thats where negotiating comes in and I’m pretty good at it.

Besides, if companies like you and what you do, they will usually take care of you. A great example of a company that gets it right is Disney! They appreciate and value who you are and what you do. Then you have some companies that have this attitude that you should be glad we even invited you lol.

So I am not saying that I will only come out if you are paying me but there has to be some sort of incentive for all my hard work, commute, taking pics(sometimes hiring a photographer) editing hundreds of pics, writing the recap and uploading the images(very timely) and placing all this stuff on my blog and  promoting it. That’s a lot of work. That’s free advertisement too you know.

I hope you understand my rant and why I don’t blog for free but I have to run this site. Plus I have a family as well. I feel like, if you see that I do a great job, then why not compensate me? You reached out to me in the first place because you knew or heard I was good at what I do. After all this time, I just know my worth and I am not a newbie blogger that is starving for content or to get my name out there. Been there done that!

To Give You An Example: Just the other day, someone reached out to me asking me to be on a panel. Normally within the first two sentences, you see their budget. There was NOTHING there, plus I had never heard of the company but I did notice they were selling tickets to this event. So you mean to tell me that you want to place my face on your flyer, have me promote your event on ALL my social media platforms and my blog, have me come to your event and share my knowledge with your guests, you charge at the door and I leave with maybe some pseudo goody bag? Are you serious?

I have been in the game way too long for that and I refuse to get pimped. I hope you understand my grief with some of these people. I do not do panels, speaking engagements, host, blog consulting, NONE OF IT for free. I do not need exposure in exchange for services. Just so we are clear. I guess this person thought I should be grateful that she included me in being a panelist, while she sat back and collected all the money, oh no mam! Bye Felicia! I don’t understand this type of behavior and I am praying it ends. Quiet as kept, I do not really need any more exposure and especially if I have more followers than you…bloop! Please refrain from emailing me the foolery next time because it is really insulting.

There are a lot of bloggers out there that do free stuff all the time. Reach out to them, they would be glad to run around town and blog for free, I am just not one of them. Hit up the top tier bloggers like Sandra Rose or Perez Hilton to get an idea of their rates. You will pass out with their fees, I bet yah! If you even get a response back!

I can promise you this though if you did hire me:

Great turnaround time with the post, pics and total recap of the event.

You will get a cheerful and bubbly personality to host your event, greet and interact with your guests panel discussion or whatever else.

Fun tweets using hashtags, Instagramming and Facebook post/images during your event.

A truly fun experience working with me because truth be told, I’m not a difficult person at all and I love a great event, ask anybody lol.

Referral of your brand to other potential clients.

I am very selective on what I do and with whom. Hopefully though, we can work together in the near future and have a very successful experience. I just had to share some light on this repeated dreadful behavior. Stay blessed and thanks for reading! Till next time! xoxo

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11 thoughts on “Rant Of The Day: I DO NOT Blog For FREE, Let Me Explain Why!

  1. Kudos!! Love this post! I agree how are you going to ask someone to blog, review or host your event for free when you are selling tickets! Glad you spoke your mind! Love it!!

  2. PREACH!!!! Tami I’m so glad you wrote this and hope these companies will get a clue that bloggers need to be paid for their work and don’t work for free!

  3. Tami….they don’t hear you though. When will these brands and people get it? They clearly don’t know you or about you.

  4. Girl this is so real. My 1st year of blogging I did so much for content and exposure. Paying for my own travel. I’m not even a full time blogger I work and have a child. I feel like it’ such a lesson learned and people will try to pimp the ish out of you. I learned you don’t have to say yes to every invite. Now that I have rates it weeds out the BS.

  5. Tami you just blogged what I have been thinking you just said it in blog form and u thank you for that! I remember when bloggers didn’t get the time of day or recognition. I remember when I used to run around to each and every even and even recap and posted whether it was a hit or miss because I just wanted content on my blog.

    Journalist and bloggers are totally different. I hear some journalist can’t stand bloggers, and honestly I think it stems from that we get our own personal recognition verses having to represent an organization.

    I have never and will never host a paid event where there is a fee and I don’t get paid for driving traffic and attendance. That’s wrong and unprofessional on so many levels, but what’s making it seem like nothing to most “business” professionals is that many blogger will do it just to get their name out. They don’t see it as being used or manipulated. You had every right yo decline without talks of your payment.

    Again thanks for this post. People know the power of bloggers, and especially if your a blogger of influence and creditbilty we are in demand. A goodie bag, attending an event that is halfway put together or isn’t any long term benefits for me doesn’t help me. I don’t blog to do favors either and I think people believe that’s a blogger’s job – to help someone else out as a plea deal.

    Thank Tami great post!

  6. I feel good that I blogged this,thanks for the feedback it just bugged me and I think some dont know, so…lol

  7. Okay, this blog post is SO important! I hope it is read by every single publicist!!! Thank you for writing this, you hit the nail on the head with every single point!

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