Thanks For Voting For Me For Sheen Magazines ‘Blogger Of Excellence’ Award

sheen magazine

Over the weekend, I was blessed to receive the Blogger of Excellence Award from Sheen Magazine’s Legendary Weekend Black-Tie Gala Event! I really was not expecting to win because there are a lot of great bloggers in the City of Atlanta alone and to win, was such an honor. I really wanted to just come out and support the magazine because it was their inaugural and they wanted to recognize great talent that we have here. I first want to thank YOU guys for voting for me because without you, this blog wouldn’t be! I really appreciate you and for stopping by daily to visit the blog like you do. I also want to thank the Publisher of Sheen Magazine Kimberly Chapman for inviting me out to such a nice affair. It was nice to see so many people get dressed up for something positive, we need to do more uplifting things like this in our community.

My award was presented to me by Actor Palmer Williams(Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor), he was so funny during the event lol. Once I said my speech and I can’t really remember what I actually said because it all happened so fast, he handed me my award and said that his wife was also from my hometown Cleveland, Ohio. Awh! Well anyway, thanks to God, you guys, fashion designer Reco Chapple for my award-winning dress, Alex for my makeup and ofcourse my supportive husband Terrell and kids Dootie & Pootie. xoxo


sheen magazine

Actor Palmer Williams escorting me to the podium

sheen magazine

sheen magazine

sheen magazine legendary weekend


Images by Jerome Dorm, Ray Cornelius/ J Squared Photography

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3 thoughts on “Thanks For Voting For Me For Sheen Magazines ‘Blogger Of Excellence’ Award

  1. YOU LOOK AMAZING!! YOU TOTALLY DESERVE THAT HONOR!! You’ve been/are such an inspiration to me and countless other women!! I’m so proud of you!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

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