Traveling During COVID-19: Useful Tips to Plan a Vacation During the Pandemic

Thanks to the raging pandemic, tourism had come to a complete standstill during the past year due to lockdowns and social distancing measures. There have been strict restrictions on international travel, and countries have been actively trying to contain the coronavirus from spreading further. However, conditions are now looking better, and governments have started relaxing the restrictions on travel gradually.

Today, flights are operating at their full capacities, and borders have opened up fully with several guidelines in place. People who have been cooped up inside for too long can finally start planning trips and vacations to the places they have been raring to go for ages. However, while the travelling industry has opened its doors to everyone again, the pandemic is far from over.

Therefore, before you pull the trigger and plan out a full-blown vacation, it would be beneficial to consider a few things. Here are some helpful tips for planning a vacation during the pandemic.

Research the Travel Restrictions

As mentioned before, the pandemic is far from over. While various countries are relaxing the travel restrictions, they still have specific guidelines in place. In the past, these countries have been extremely strict with their travel policies, and some countries like Libya are yet to lift their travel restrictions. Additionally, many countries have a strict compulsory 7-day or 14-day quarantine period for travellers or foreign visitors.

Imagine planning a week-long vacation to a country that has a mandatory 7-day quarantine period. That would be devastating, right? Therefore, the first step towards planning a vacation during the pandemic is to research travel restrictions at the destination you have planned. This will help in avoiding any last-minute inconvenience and plan the holiday in a better manner.

Pick Shoulder or Offseason

Gone are the days when planning a vacation meant heading to a destination during the peak season without worrying about the crowd. It was all about having the best experience offered in terms of weather, ambience, and tourist attractions.

However, in the current scenario, it is best advised to plan a vacation when there’s less crowd. The best thing to do would be to visit during the shoulder or offseason period. The shoulder period is the time between the peak and offseason for a destination. 

You can determine this quickly by looking at the overall weather of the destination you have planned. There are websites like, which gives you an overview of the weather in any location in the world. Not only can you check the yearly climate of a particular place but also the weather forecast for the days to come. Use this information to predict when there will be less crowd and plan your vacation around that time.

Pick a Safe Mode of Travel

As mentioned before, flights, trains, and other public transport modes are now operating at their normal capacity. This marks the sign of the return of normalcy, but as we know, things are not normal yet. Using public transport is still very much risky and puts you at serious risk of contracting the coronavirus. This is especially dangerous considering the spread of the Delta variant these days.

Considering the situation, it would be best to stick to a short road trip to be safe as you will have better control over your route and surroundings. However, if you plan an overseas vacation, pick an airline that follows all security and safety protocols. Don’t shy away from spending a slight premium for the extra safety measures. 

Additionally, take complete precautions personally like gloves, sanitizers, face shields, and surface disinfectants. Being cautious personally will bring down your chances of contracting the virus to a huge extent. 

Moreover, once you reach your destination, consider renting a car for the duration of your stay instead of taking cabs and buses every time you have to commute. This will also reduce frequent exposures to other people, which would be otherwise unavoidable in shared transportation.

Choose Your Accommodations Wisely

This is probably the most crucial tip while planning a trip during a pandemic. You never know who stayed in your hotel room before you and who they must have come in contact with. This increases your risk of catching the deadly virus manifold. Therefore, ensure to book a hotel that follows all the recommended safety and sanitizing protocols. 

You can head to various booking sites online and check the ratings and reviews of a particular hotel in terms of hygiene and sanitization. The most important aspects to consider before booking a hotel accommodation are:

  • Regular sanitization.
  • Contact-free transactions.
  • Strict social distancing policies.
  • A limited number of guests.

Once you’re satisfied with the safety measures assured by a hotel, you can proceed to book your rooms. However, the buck doesn’t stop here. Request a cleaning and sanitization of the allotted room in front of you when you arrive at the hotel. This will ensure that the place is sanitized and will save you a great deal of unnecessary stress.

These are the basic precautions to take while planning a vacation during a pandemic. Once your vacation starts, you should take further precautions like wearing a mask in all public places, avoid crowded areas, and restrict eating out to hygienic places. Following these protocols will help you enjoy your vacation to the max while being safe and sound.

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