Tyra’s 21st Birthday, An Engagement, A Baby On The Way!

Yes, you read the title correctly, my baby is getting married! Yesterday Tyra celebrated her 21st birthday at Capital Grille in Buckhead and we had a great time. Little did she know, her longtime boyfriend Jordon surprised her also with an engagement ring! She was in total shock and had no idea it was going to happen lol. A few months ago, Jordon came to me and asked for her hand in marriage (her dad lives in another city) and I was in total shock! She has been dating this young fellow for quite sometime now and I truly like him. Jordon and Tyra first met in high school and he has been head over heels for her ever since. 

By me traveling so much, we actually picked out the ring together over facetime lol. I was in Los Angeles or New York, I can’t remember right now but he was so nervous. I assured him that it would be ok. He had five rings picked out and we narrowed it down. Last night, he got down on one knee, asked for her hand in marriage and he placed the ring on her finger. Ofcourse she started to cry. It was a beautiful sight and I wish you guys could have seen it but that’s what pictures are for. Both my family(which is located back in Cleveland) and his family (located in New York City) couldn’t attend but they all sent lovely messages and congratulated them.

Tyra also announced that she is expecting but I knew a few months ago because she has been eating like crazy! Yep, I’m going to be a “glam ma” beginning of next year maybe in late February early March, I’m too excited, don’t know if I am ready but hey what can I say lol. You guys know I will have my grand baby in all my fashion posts too…ha! We don’t have a date for the nuptials yet but stay tuned!

Tyra has always been my child that moved to beat of her own drum! She’s always been extremely independent and liked to do things her way! She moved out about a month ago, got her own fancy place, got her own salon three years ago and now she is starting a new chapter in her life! I’m very proud of the women she has become. Life takes many twists and turns and who are we to judge.

If she and her fiancé are happy and in love, what can I say! As parents, we want the best for our children but they are here to learn from life experiences, the choices they make and all we can do is sit back and support them in any way we can and be happy for them. We are here to guide them and give our opinion and lend a helping hand. I wish them nothing but the best and a happy and healthy baby. Till next time, love you Tyra & Jordon! xoxo

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  1. Congratulations to you, glam-ma to be, and to Tyra and fiancé. Wishing the couple happiness and blessing.

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