Wardrobe Breakdown: Kelly Rowland On Instagram

I love this young lady, I really do plus when I met Singer/Actress Kelly Rowland she was just the BEST! I actually met her a few times and she is always the same, sweet, personable and very down to earth! I love when I meet people that I’ve adored for awhile and in person they are the same!

Kelly recently did a promo video for her holiday movie on Lifetime called, Merry Liddle Christmas Baby and she made a holiday cocktail. In her video shoot, she wore this lovely green two-piece look that was bomb, loved the shade of green and the styling! More pictures inside and what designer she was wearing, have a blessed day everyone!

Kelly wore a Rat and Boa blouse & skirt set with earrings by Mahrukh Akuly styled by Jennifer Udechukwu sexy mama!

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