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Comedian Lavar

TalkingWithTami: Hello Lavar,I saw your stand up show at Uptown Comedy Club in Atlanta. You were so darn funny! When did you know, Awh Ha comedy is what I want to do?
I appreciate you admiring my work.
People would always tell me man you funny you should do comedy. I would be like comedy hell na I aint no damn comedian. One day when I was in pharmacy school I prayed really hard and asked God what it is he really wants me to do. THis is the truth a huge light came over me and he said comedy too I was like are you for real lord. Thats when I decided to go do an amateur night and the rest is history.
TalkingWithTami:  You do some great impressions as well. What techniques do you use to imitate the characters in your show?
I dont know i just try to find things that stand out about the person and exaggerate it thats how i imitate characters.

TalkingWithTami:  Can you tell us me some places you have traveled to do your show? What televisions shows have you appeared on as well?
I have traveled all over the U.S telling jokes Miami,Atlanta, CHicago, L.A., Memphis, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, and alot of really small towns in different states. I do a lot of universities and I have had the pleasure of touring on the Rickey SMILEY and friends tour for the last couple of years. I have appeared on BETS COMIC VIEW, Jamie FOXXS Laffapalooza, and Robert TOWNSENDS partners in crime.

TalkingWithTami:  Every comedian has a signature style. What would you say yours is?
I would say my signature style is physical and observational. Everyday life is funny to me ecspecially the little small things we do.
TalkingwithTami: People out there that may want to give comedy a shot, can you give them some words of wisdom?
Yea just get up on stage and do it dont ever quit. And please keep your job until its time to quit. You will know its time to quit your job when you are making more money as a comedian than at work. The stage will be your teacher.
Hey tell everybody they can follow me @comedianLavar and check out this youtube clip of my T.I. impersonation see if you can link it up for me Tami Thanks
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