Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas

Last night Pia and I got to prance on over to check out my buddy Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas show at the Imperial Palace. I want to hug and kiss Frank because our seats were located in the V.I.P. section and we were so close, I could count how many rhinestones were on the performers costumes lol. I got a chance to talk with Frank’s mom Mary who was seated by us and she was a gem. She is so proud of her son and she was smiling ear to ear lol.

Frank’s mom Mary

The show opened with a bang and these male dancers came out with mask. They danced to “Let’s get this party started” when a performer came out in full glitz. Every female impersonator that came out was right on it and was very entertaining!

Frank Marino came out fab as usual and did a lil Joan Rivers, then told funny jokes, I love his timing lol. He talked about fashion, drag clothes and dating, hilarious!

Frank Marino as Joan Rivers

After that introduction the first impersonator to come out was Madonna! She killed it with the outfit and hairdo!

Madonna Impersonator

My friend Larry Edwards has been on my show in the past at a prior red carpet event in Las Vegas and I see that he has joined the cast of Divas Las Vegas! He came out impersonating Beyonce, with a lil extra weight and food addiction, It was funny to see lol.

Larry Edwards as Beyonce lol

Next up Lady Gaga came out! I was loving the outfit and the music really started pumpin! This guy nailed Lady Gaga and he could work it! Whitney Houston came out from the audience and shook peoples hands,then hit the stage and song two songs, I want to dance with somebody and I will always love you. Loved the gown!

Derrick Barry as Lady Gaga

Crystal Woods as Whitney Houston

Whitney’s shoes love!

Steven Wayne Shumate impersonated Celine Dion and it was so funny with Celine’s stage persona lol. I loved the rhinestoned white suit too! Then Mariah Carey impersonator hit the stage and she was wearing a full beaded gown. She song Emotions and I’ll be there. They did a tribute to Michael Jackson and showed a slideshow while she sang his song.

Steven Wayne Shumate Impersonates Celine Dion

Celine’s back up dancers, hott!

Mariah Carey Impersonator

Mariah’s shoes, cute!

The busty Dolly Parton hit the stage singing 9 to 5 and she had the audience in stitches with those big boobs. She shook Pia’s hand and we laughed. She had on a fab gown and loved the shoes, mostly all the shoes were great! Bette Midler really got the crowd excited and her dancers were really good. I almost had tears when she sang, Wind beneath my wings.

Dolly Parton Impersonator

Dolly’s shoes

Bette Midler impersonator

Larry then hit the stage again and he did Tina Turner. He looks just like her and I remember when I met him a few years back, thats who he was dressed like on the red carpet lol. He smiled at me from the stage, I was happy! I was exhausted watching him dance to Proud Mary.

Larry as Tina Turner

Ok, now the show stopper! Frank introduced Britney Spears and I told Pia to pay attention, I said he is good! The lights and music start and there stood the impersonator in full costume looking identical to the “Real” Britney! She has a new album out called, Circus and this female impersonator was dead ringer! I gave him two thumbs up and my favorite from all the performers! The body, hair and makeup was superb! Pia was like wow, do you see this? She sang Womanizer and Circus. This impersonator also did Lady Gaga earlier in the show. Frank he deserves a raise, he is really, really good!

Derrick as Britney Spears

Oh my!

The biggest Diva of them all, Ms. Diana Ross sashayed on the stage in a white full length fur coat. She came out to the audience and sang her heart out. The hair and wig and gown was fab and she song I’m coming out!

Crystal as Diana Ross

Cher was my 2nd top performer of the evening, that I enjoyed watching. Steven Wayne Shumate also did Celine Dion earlier. I loved the outfit and the boots, fire! She sang, If I could turn back time. She worked those boots and outfit, loved the tattoo butt cheeks lol.

Steven Impersonates Cher

Liza Minnelli was my 3rd favorite in the show. By this time I was about to explode with joy! She just lit up the stage with her stage presence. I loved the sequined red outfit and her makeup and hairdo! Sammy Gonzales killed it and also did Mariah Carey. By this time I was up and out of my seat singing along, I enjoyed every minute of New York, New York. I had tears in my eyes, why I don’t know. It was really emotional for me because all of these performers put their heart and soul into their performances!

Sammy Gonzales does Liza Minnelli

Frank then came out and thanked the Audience and said that he had been performing in Vegas for over 25 years. He has two stars in Vegas on the walk of fame, a street named after him and he has a charity that is dear to his heart, Make a Wish Foundation. Proceeds from his dvd’s t-shirts and his new cookbook, goes to it. The finale started after that and a impersonator came out in full drag then transformed back into a man, it was something to see as the french tune, What makes a man a man played. I loved it! All the performers came out and was introduced and boy what a great show it was. Sorry this post was soo long but I had a lot to say! Frank thanks so much for the lovely seats and inviting me out to the show, it was glamourous and divine as always! Good luck with all your endeavors! Happy Sunday everyone!

Hot Dancers

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