My Style: Formal Sequins Pant Suit

I booked a gig as a host with a popular champagne brand for a New Year’s Eve party and was too excited about it! It was going to be an extravagant affair at a huge mansion with lots of celebrities in attendance and so on. Then I got that dreadful phone call telling me that the owner of the mansion came down with Covid and they had to cancel the whole event! I was devastated but had this fabulous outfit that I was going to wear and I was NOT going to let it go to waste!

So I decided to take a few photos in it and ring in the new year anyway lol! My daughter Tyra gave me a new hairdo and I felt amazing. When life sometimes gives you lemons, you make lemonade right? I styled it a bit different this time and its more toned down but I just loved all the sparkle and fit lol. More pics inside and where to find….

Location: Downtown Lawrenceville, Ga

Hair: Tyra In The City, Makeup Me, Pat McGrath Eyeshadow Palette Celestial Odyssey

Earrings: Chanel 

Tank Top: Target

Sequins Suit: Boss Collection Showroom/Lisa Nicole Collection 

Photographer: Londa

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