In Case You Missed It: American Idol ColdPlay Songbook & Mother’s Day Dedication

In case you missed last nights Coldplay Songbook & Mother’s Day Dedication performances and Top 5 Reveal. Plus Coldplay’s Worldwide Exclusive Performance, I have everything for you! My favorite performance last night went to Willie Spence who sang Yellow + You Are So Beautiful which he dedicated to him mom back home in Douglas, Ga.

I hope he wins on this season because he has a voice of an angel and just sounds very meaningful when he sings, wow! Check out his performance inside and good luck to all the contestants! ColdPlay is one of my favorite groups and I remember playing their CD in my car on road trips and my kids would sing along. Their friends would make fun of them for knowing all the lyrics and I have to take the blame for that lol!


Willie Spence always wanted to pursue his dream of singing but when his mom got sick, he put it on the back burner. Once she recovered, he picked up his love of singing again, look how God works, divine timing!

Check out Coldplay’s worldwide exclusive performance of their new single ­“Higher Power”:

(Pics ABC/Eric McCandless)

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