Lets get it! Update on workout

Yes,”let’s get it” is my new phrase thanks to Lisa. Everytime we’re in the gym she tells me that lol.  She is too funny and I find that I work out best with a partner. I would be sitting around just going thru the motions, if I was doing this all by my lonesome lol. I kinda think that Lisa gets a kick out of me texting and calling her too telling her,ok no slacking today! It’s fun because we encourage each other to keep going, that’s what a gym buddy is for.

When Lisa and I are at the gym we see some funny sights too. We have names for people. We make faces and eyes at the folks in there and bust out laughing when our eyes meet. There is one lady who is,” The Crazy Lady“, just running around hyper for no reason, then there is,”The Panty Lady who wears bloomers on the outside of her shorts,who does that? There is also this guy we call, “Beyonce“,who points his finger while listening to his ipod and jogs for hours on the treadmill, we swear he is listening to Single Ladies lol. Then it’s this lady who works at the gym who doesn’t like me,”The Hata“. See Lisa rather train me, than work out with her(she is already in shape). Anytime she sees Lisa she likes to start a conversation with her, while I’m standing there and doesn’t say a word to me, so rude! When she does say something to me, it’s usually negative or sarcastic,whatever! It’s all Lisa’s fault because the girl has asked to work out with Lisa in the past, but Lisa declined.  We just laugh at all the characters,plus it’s something to do to pass the time away.

Guess what you guys, I lost 3 pounds! Lisa told me not to weigh myself because muscle weighs more than fat but I just wanted to see where I was at. I haven’t weighed myself in years. I can tell in my clothes they are not as snug. I’m excited plus now I can sprint on the treadmill! I usually can’t run a lick except to the mall and back, so I’m really proud of myself!  We usually are in the gym 4 or 5 days, then take 1 day off and back at it.We’ve been doing 1 hr and a half of cardio,then weights. I love it, so far so good.

I’ve been eating oatmeal and fruit,baked fish,veggies,and baked chicken. I did cheat and had a ginger ale, I was dying for one. Other than that, I’m fine without eating any sugar or starchy foods.I’m really having a great time. It seems that the hubby is starting to see me at the gym,now he is working out with Lisa’s hubby Ed now. I’m too excited about everyone getting aboard the weight loss train! Talk to you soon!

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