Marvel vs Capcom 3 “Fate of Two Worlds”

Last night half of Atlanta was at the Marvel vs Capcom 3 party to preview the new game. I’m not a gamer but my son and hubby are. When me and my friend Esquire pulled up to the Ambient Plus Studio, the line was wrapped twice outside of the venue. I had no clue so many people were interested in this new video game. There were all sorts of people excited to play against each other and find out if this game was as cool as the previous ones. Konsole Kingz brought out the fight club to Atlanta for sure!

Group 3d playing

I got a chance to chat with one of the reps from Capcom and he said the all new game was highly anticipated because it had been a decade since the last one. Characters from the game were displayed throughout the place while red bull, pizza,pics from OMG Booth and good music was playing.

OMG Booth,what’s crackin!

Gamers played against each other and roared out when cool techniques and fighting moves were done. Over in the V.I.P lounge area, celebs stopped thru for pics, munchies from Willy’s and to try out the new game. In the V.I.P. goody bags I got a Marvel tee, 4 shot glasses with characters on them and a limited edition comic book(which was not mine for long once my son found out).I had a great time learning about gaming. Some guys I talked to said the graphics were hot and the different tricks that that the characters did. They wanted the actual game to be a bit faster but overall it was awesome.


Chun-Li, Felicia


Thanks to The Garner Circle for the invite, It was too Pinktastic! Enjoy the pics! Happy Friday! xoxo

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