Pamela Anderson For CR Fashion Book


Former Playmate, Pamela Anderson was my all-time favorite celebrity back in the day! I have so much memorabilia of hers it’s ridiculous and now to think about it, where is it located hmm? I met her several times and use to travel around to some of her events. For those that are old enough to remember, Pamela had a stint in Vegas and was a magician’s assistant in Vegas. I traveled there to see her show she invited me out to. It was so much fun and she was a riot. Only thing, you could hardly take any photos of her because she required you to have a soft filter on your video equipment and cameras.  It was a grueling process. It was all an illusion folks and she didn’t want people to see what she really looked like and her aging face! I got tired of that and my obsession with her went away really fast! She visited here to Atlanta a few times and it was the same the drama, so I gave up trying to be her fan.

Still love Pam to pieces but yeah, the love affair is over! She was always my women crush! She kinda reminds me of myself and I admired her so much! Plus I loved how she decorated her beach house in Malibu, raised her kids around water, and we had similar styles in clothing. Oh yeah, when I was younger and use to watch her on Baywatch, I would fantasize about having my wedding in a white bikini just like she did with first hubby, rocker Tommy Lee. It never happened for me though. Yeah, I use to be some what of an exhibitionist back in the day but I grew out of it a bit! It jumps out once in a blue moon now lol. Anyway, she posed it up for a very conservative Palm Beach print magazine with these cute fashion shots! I love it and glad to see her still looking hot after all these years. I always wanted to be a Playboy Playmate too, that never happened either and too late to add to my bucket list, darn it! xoxo




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