Prince For Essence Magazine


One of my favorite pop artist, Prince covers the June issue of Essence magazine! In his interview he talks about Prince and the revolution, new music and more! This hits newsstands May 9th. I must say he hasn’t aged a bit, looking good EEWWW! LOL!


“‘A real musician is always in creative mode,’ Prince says.
He picks up a butter knife and starts cutting the air with it. ‘That’s what I used The Revolution for,’ he says, making a cutting motion. The implication being, they were sharp. Fearless. The baddest, best-rehearsed band in the land.
‘But ask them to do what we did tonight? To improvise? There would be a problem. That’s what I love about this new arrangement. The energy. They’re in the moment.’
He pauses. ‘I’m not putting down The Revolution, even though people would love to see us together again. I owe a great debt to them. But I’m doing something else.'”

image by Mike Ruiz


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