Say What? Solange Knowles Attacks And Karate Kicks Jay Z In Elevator!

solange knowles

Is it something in the air or is the moon out or something? Its been a very weird weekend and I even showed my tail at an event but that is for a later post! I told my friend that, this weekend was just weird and something creepy is happening out here in these streets! Look at this video that just surfaced of Beyonce’s lil sister Solange Knowles having an altercation with rapper Jay Z in an elevator after the Met Ball! What is really going on? Has she NEVER liked Jay Z? They sure did keep their strained relationship on the low, low but looking at this video of Solange kicking and screaming at him and getting in his face, something deeply rooted made her go completely off, while Beyonce just stands there helplessly. Beyonce bodyguard Julius is trying to hold her back but she’s one tough cookie I see! Chile let me go find my bible and say some prayers, because we all need it! Check it out inside! This video was just released and caught on tape by TMZ! They be everywhere y’all better be careful with what you do in public, big brother is watching EVERYTHING why don’t people understand that nowadays!


Here is my interpretation from watching the video and tell me if I am dead on it! LOL!

Solange is acting like Jay Z slapped the fiya out of Beyonce or disrespected her and Solange is NOT having it! That was some stuff that was held in and she let loose when she got him alone. You can tell she does not like him by the way she was in his face and kicked at him a few times. She even threw her purse at him! That purse was a designer one too, homegirl is mad as hell! Thats something that I would do if someone was bothering my family. Chile to be a fly on the wall, could you imagine what she was saying? Fellow blogger Sandra Rose did a report on Solange about a year ago that she is bipolar and has mental issues and had to cancel her European tour because of it. This is so sad, story developing! xoxo


Solange’s face though when she exits the elevator like yep, I tapped that a** #DEAD I’m done and on the ground! LOL!

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