Solid Gold Dancer Darcel Wynne Today

Darcel Wynne

I was watching some youtube videos today when I came across some old archives of the Solid Girl dancers. If you’re my age or older then you will remember this hit tv show from back in the late 80’s called Solid Gold. Darcel Wynne was the principal dancer on the show. I inspired to be like her because at that time, you didn’t see a lot of African American females on tv. I watched that show faithfully every week to see what she was wearing,her hairstyle and to watch her dance.

I googled her today and Lord and Behold there she was looking fabulous as ever! Today Darcel has a new autobiography out called, “Darcel – Sexy’s Back and She’s Still… Solid Gold”. She is working on a reality tv show called, Getting your Sexy Back and she is also teaching fun fitness classes in Los Angeles. How cool is that and she is still pretty as ever. I became a nail technician right after college because I was fascinated with her long decorated nails from the show. I’m so glad that she is still around and doing great things. Go Darcel you look fab girl!

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