Kenny Lattimore And Wife Judge Faith Jenkins Discuss Parenthood With Their First Child

In a daytime exclusive interview on the Wednesday, March 22 edition of “Tamron Hall,” R&B singer-songwriter and new father Kenny Lattimore opened up about his career and his close relationship with his faith and gave a special in-studio performance of his hit single “Take A Dose” for the Tam Fam. Lattimore’s wife, Judge Faith Jenkins, who joined the show virtually from Los Angeles, shared how the couple is adapting to parenthood after welcoming their first child, Skylar, just nine weeks ago.

Judge Faith Jenkins on becoming a new mom:

“What I realize now as a mom, people talk about this postpartum period and being in your fourth trimester, which I’m in now – the first 12 weeks after giving birth – you never really go back to who you are and what you were before having a child. And I realize now that I’m permanently postpartum, this is my new life.” She continued, “It’s a new normal for all of us to be able to embrace this child at this point in our lives and we are incredibly grateful for the experience.” 


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