The 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage

About a week ago, I had the pleasure of test-driving a fun vehicle which was the all-new Mitsubishi Mirage. As soon as they delivered the car to me and handed me the keys, I took off down the road! This car reminded me of my very first car I had while in college, small, compact but full of fun memories! Me and my girlfriends would attend a lot of college parties, shopping sprees, football games and more and this vehicle put me in the same mind as that.

I thought this vehicle handled well on the road and it’s a 3 cylinder. I took it on the freeway, it kept up with the traffic pretty good, the visibility was great and I really enjoyed driving this car around town. Not too many bells and whistles were in this car, it was pretty standard but it would be good vehicle for a college bound kid or if you want to downsize. Great on gas, I went EVERYWHERE in this car and the gas needle hardly moved for three days! I also felt very safe inside this car, it was comfortable and pretty roomy inside. Starts at $12,995 more info here.

Active Stability Control

7 Airbags

Rearview Camera

Rise Body Construction



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