3 Ideas To Grow Yacht Rental Business

A yacht or boat is too expensive a pleasure that only a few can afford. In addition, a necessary condition for this is the presence of access to the sea or river in close proximity. Maintaining and maintaining a yacht is not cheap. But despite this, renting a yacht is a rather attractive business idea and can bring high profits.

Buying a yacht costs a lot of money, and maintaining it costs even more. This is why most people resort to the services of rental companies. So, having analyzed the successful Renty service, which deals not only with renting yachts but also various cars and buggies, you can highlight for yourself several successful ideas and points that can help you build your own business. Yacht rental from Renty offers several yachts for sale, with different features and at affordable prices. It is located in an ideal location, more precisely in the UAE, where the rental business is very in demand and popular.

Why is it worth doing this business?

The idea of starting a yachting business has come to many people in recent years, not only to those who are keen on yachting themselves but also to those who want to invest their capital. The main motives for engaging in such activities:

  • Steadily growing interest in boat trips on private vessels;
  • High rental costs;
  • A large selection of vessels of various sizes, capacities, and configurations;
  • The opportunity to combine personal leisure and business;
  • Fairly developed infrastructure.

Rentals for charter companies

The annual cost of maintaining a motor yacht averages about 10% of its value. And it is used for personal purposes only 1-2 times a year, which makes the purchase absolutely impractical.

The most promising direction in optimizing the cost of maintaining a boat or yacht today is renting or commissioning a vessel through a charter campaign. This provides the following benefits:

  • The owner is not looking for clients;
  • Does not bear the cost of paying for yacht parking;
  • The service is provided by a charter company.

This idea will allow you to save as much as possible on the maintenance of your yacht, minimize the risks of downtime, and increase the number of clients. This is the best option for a start-up business, since until you fully understand all the nuances, the charter company will sort them out for you.

Yacht rental for diving

Diving is a very popular recreational activity. Oddly enough, it is popular not only in hot resort countries but throughout the world in general. Some want to swim in coral reefs, and some want to meet whales. Experienced divers are willing to pay well for a yacht that will take them to interesting and unusual places. This is why you can open a yacht rental business for divers. True, for this you will need a good captain.

Yachts do not need to have special equipment, and after a great scuba diving experience, clients will happily want to have a good rest.

Open a yacht school

Provide yachting training and instruction for beginners. This will attract newcomers and increase interest in yachting holidays. This service will be popular in hot countries with a large number of harbors and marinas, where marine fishing is popular.

This way you can increase your customer base, increase the number of rental hours, and your yachts will generate income. The cost of training to operate a yacht is quite high, which will also be an additional income.

Advertising and promotion

And finally, let’s talk about perhaps the most important thing when starting your own business – advertising. Here we advise you to promote your company as much as possible using social networks. Go for collaboration with bloggers or other popular Internet personalities. Their fans, having seen gorgeous shots or photos from yachts, will also want to be like their idols. You can give away your yacht for use for free, in exchange for advertising that is profitable for you. Even if it seems strange, in the modern world of social networks this will significantly increase the profit and recognition of your company.


The yacht charter business is a great way to make money. Yes, it involves many risks and requires much more preparation and financial investment. But if you use the right idea and do everything correctly, you can get a growing business that will bring you profit and recognition.

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