6 Subtle Ways To Level Up Your Style

Are you looking to become a sharper dresser, but are afraid of the endeavor costing too much? Or perhaps you already consider yourself stylish but feel that something is missing when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Fortunately, looking more dapper doesn’t always have to come at a cost or entail major changes. You can instantly elevate your look with a few minor adjustments. Here’s how:  

Wearing Show Me Your MuMu Lo Romper


Consider Socks an Accessory, Not an Afterthought

Most of us don’t give much thought to our socks when putting together our outfit for the day. Indeed, you may be one of many men who are content to stick to the same black socks, day in and day out. While this may be one of the safest fashion options, this means missing out on valuable opportunities to up your style game.

To start mixing things up, try switching to a colored pair of over the calf socks for men. This can add visual interest to any outfit without being too loud or showy. For a quick pop of color, you can also put on dressy socks that come in a shade that contrasts against your trousers. Alternatively, you can match the colors of your socks and pants for an elongating effect, making you appear taller. 

Maintain Your White Shoes Properly

White sneakers are an essential wardrobe staple, and every man should have at least one pair on standby. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and go well with almost any casual ensemble that you can think of. However, they won’t do your look any favors if you let them get all grungy and dirty. 

Fortunately, keeping your white kicks as pristine as the day you bought them isn’t hard. It only takes a bit of care and foresight to pull it off. To this end, try purchasing a spray-on sneaker protector to keep dirt, stains, and spills from sticking to your shoes. It’s also a good idea to regularly clean your shoes and to store them in their original boxes or a dedicated shoe bag after each use.

Have Your Clothes Tailored

You will look better in clothes that fit your frame properly—no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Thus, the simplest upgrade that you can make to improve your overall appearance is one that is often overlooked: getting your clothes tailored.

With tailoring, you can make any cheap suit jacket, shirt, or pair of trousers look like they’re worth more than you paid for them. A skilled tailor can also make slight alterations to your clothes to make you appear taller and slimmer, if so desired.

Upgrade Your Staples

Leveling up your style doesn’t mean making any drastic changes. If you’re the kind of guy who defaults to a daily uniform of sorts, a simple way to improve upon your look is to swap your staple pieces out for something a little more refined.

For example, instead of buying yet another oversized hoodie, try going for a ribbed knit sweater that hugs your frame and shows off your chest and shoulders. If you’re a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy, consider reaching for a solid colored V-neck or Henley instead of your usual graphic tee. Do you wear sneakers all the time? You might be surprised at what a pair of boots can do to upgrade your look. 

Ditch the Ratty Backpack

You may not realize it, but your everyday bag is also considered a part of your outfit. That said, upgrading it can elevate your look a few notches. 

Whether you rock a messenger bag, a briefcase, or a backpack, try to invest in a high-quality item that’s made of durable materials. If you go for something made with a special material like leather or suede, give it the care and consideration it deserves. And once it starts showing wear and tear or becomes damaged beyond repair, stop using it and purchase a new one. 

Wear a Nice Watch

Nothing rounds an outfit out quite like the investment timepiece. In addition to being a functional accessory, it’s also a status symbol. If you don’t have the funds for one, though, there are still plenty of mid-range and budget choices out there that can do the trick.

When shopping for a watch, keep your wardrobe in mind. If you lean towards lighter-colored clothes, you can go for a watch with a gold or rose-gold finish set in a brown leather band. If you skew the opposite way towards darker colors, you might want to consider a silver watch with a steel or black leather band. Generally speaking, you’ll want to eschew digital watches that come with silicone bands for a classic timepiece paired with a leather or steel band.

As they say, every little detail matters when it comes to upgrading your look. Paying special attention to the minutiae of your daily outfits can have a significant effect, so don’t be afraid to keep improving on whatever aspect you think still needs work.

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