6 Ways To Make Your Event Memorable And A Talk Of The Town

Meeting or exceeding the expectations of your clients and attendees of events is one of the headaches of every event organizer. Being a corporate event, product launch, party, wedding, or concert, you would want to leave a lasting impression on guests and make the event a memorable one.This may sound impossible, considering the high taste of some clients and the huge expectations of most attendees. 

That not withstanding, you can still organize an event that can become the new industry standard for others to emulate. No matter the expected audience size and location, there are several ways to leave your patrons in awe, making them wish for more. The below points would work for event organizers and planners and people who may want to execute their own events.

Be in tune with the event goals while keeping in mind your patrons

Every event has goals and expectations be it a corporate gala or a musical concert. It is these goals that determine your target audience. The social standard of the target audience also determines the venue for the event and the logistics needed. The event is for the attendees, and everything you do there must be relatable to them.

For example, a tech product launch expects attendees to be potential clients, investors, vendors, and marketers to reach marketing and sales goals. The majority of the attendees will likely come from the corporate world, with sophisticated tastes and expectations. Their expectations would certainlybe a sharp contrast to those of youths attending a Hip pop concert. Meaning, you can’t use strategies meant for youth concerts for a corporate event.

As an event organizer/planner, put in the right plans, strategies, and preparations that sync with the event goals while keeping in mind the target audience. You do this by cooperating with your client if you’ve been hired to organize the event. This helps you to budget well, choose the right venue and logistics, and hire the right resource personnel. Being in line with the event goals and audience also decreases the error margins as you know what you want. 

Focus on expected outcomes

The set event goals have expected outcomes that you must work towards achieving. If the goal is to raise money while entertaining the public through a musical concert, how would you want your audience to feel during and after the event? Exciting and having a lifetime experience, right? 

Focusing on the goals and the aftermath outcome and experience helps you to create a memorable environment your audience would enjoy and always want to witness. For an entertainment event, creating an avenue where attendees can have a red carpet experience, photoshoots with their favorite artists, or having selected fans join the artists on the stage to perform their favorite songs can be the success trick. When patrons enjoy such experiences, your event will forever be on their lips.

Make it entertaining 

If you want your event to be a talk in the town, make it entertaining. Yes, even if it is a corporate event with all top CEOs attending, adding musical interludes, live band performances, or comedy stints would make it enjoyable. 

For a music concert, you certainly need a DJ who knows the current trends in music, says an event consultant.  “You need a professional DJ who can deliver good tunes to create an exciting and energizing atmosphere.”“For example, when organizing an event in Phoenix, you should look out for the finest DJ in Phoenix, AZ, who has great experience in playing the type of music you’re looking for,” he indicated.The consultant believes that as your guest dance to such good tunes, among other initiatives, the event will become the talk of the town. In addition, you can also create audience interactions and have Q&As with gifts going to people who provide the right answers. 

Work with performers to create relatable content

Playing music may not be enough for highly sophisticated and demanding audiences. They may want to have other unique experiences. Creating relatable content, like creating and sharing jokes about their professions, can be the missing ingredient. Adding a standup comedian to your list of performers can easily help you achieve this. Let your performersknow the type of people you are expecting, so they can create relatable content to entertain them. That aside, your event must have moments attendees can easily point to and would want to share with others who missed it. As they remember such moments, you will always be in their mind and lips.

Include other activities

Your event may be a book launch, and patrons are likely to expect the usual long introductions, readings, and auctions. However, you can create segments they never expected, like health talks or medical screening. With their busy daily schedules, most people are unable to visit medical facilities for routine checkups. Presenting them with such an opportunity at your event will be a plus and a moment to talk about. Attendees will forever associate your event with how they got the needed and timely medical checkup that saved their life. 

Run adverts

Your event will not be the talk of the town if no one hears about it and attends, especially for public events. Create a special social media page and run social medial campaigns for the event to reach a large target audience. That aside, create billboards and run radio and newspaper adverts on your local media. 


For a talk of the town event, you need to strategize and leverage the strength and weaknesses of your audience to create an exciting environment. For public events, run extensive adverts on social media and traditional media to get the needed numbers. 

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