A Day At The Park With Baby Legend

Being out at the park with my grandson Baby Legend yesterday afternoon brought back so many memories. When my kids were young, I stayed at the park and pool with them, they LOVED it. Legend enjoyed the swing the most. I didn’t take him down the slide but he was very curious and watching all the other kids play.

They came over to say hello and you can tell he wanted to get up and run around with them lol. It was very hot outside and we were there during peak time, so now I know to head there when it’s earlier so that I don’t get sun stroke geesh lol. I am so blessed to be able to watch Legend’s milestones and one of them is that at 4 months he is starting to sit up by himself for at least a few seconds before falling over, it’s the cutest thing to watch over and over again lol! Happy Friday everyone, enjoy your weekend!

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