Actor Omar Epps Stops By ‘The Tamron Hall Show’

On the Friday, April 1 edition of “Tamron Hall,” Tamron plays an epic April Fool’s joke on her in-studio audience with a faux giveaway of recycled chewing gum. With the Tam Fam looking dumbfounded as the host puts the chewing gum to the test, Tamron ultimately reveals that the gum giveaway was all in jest and instead treats every studio audience member to $1000 in special prizes. Later, actor and producerOmar Epps joins to discuss his new movie, “The Devil You Know” and the legacy of “Love & Basketball.” Epps also reveals what he thinks of a potential reboot of the beloved film. Then, actress and comedian Sasheer Zamata tells Tamron about the second season of Hulu’s hit series “Woke” and how the show tackles difficult subject matter through a comedic lens. More inside….


Omar Epps on the legacy of “Love & Basketball” and a potential reboot:

“You know, I think people are always drawn to great art and the funny thing about art is it’s subjective. You and I can go to a museum and see a picture of a tomato and I’ll be like ‘That’s trash!’ and you’ll be like ‘that’s brilliant!’ There’s no right or wrong.” Omar adds his thoughts on a potential reboot, “You know it’s like you can’t replicate a great meal. Right? You know the song ‘Reason’? Just don’t remake it. Just leave it alone. You see what I’m saying on that? I think, humbly, I think ‘Love & Basketball’ is one of those pieces where you just leave it alone. Even when you look at a film I had the pleasure of being in, ‘Higher Learning,’ you know god bless John Singleton. You know you look at the themes in that film and it’s sad but it correlates to our now and that was made so many years ago. So that’s the whole thing, I think what I aspire to do is to transcend time through my art and through my part in it.”

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