Actresses Aida Osman And Kamillion Open Up About Representation & Body Positivity On Tamron Hall

On today’s edition of “Tamron Hall,” stars of Issa Rae’s “Rap Sh!t,” Aida Osman and KaMillion joined the show to discuss season two of the hit Max series. Osman and KaMillion talked about how they landed the roles and their experience working together on the female-forward series. Osman also discussed the call for body positivity on the show and clapped back about being viewed as “not the average size.” Plus, actor Tyler Lepley joined the show to discuss his multifaceted career including his new BET+ holiday movie, “Christmas Ringer,” his restaurant endeavor and fatherhood. Lepley also shared how he relishes in the new responsibilities that come along with being a father and a partner. See more inside and a video clip…

Aida Osman about representing real women and body positivity on “Rap Sh!t”:

“People want to act like I take every step like, ‘I’m a big girl, I’m a big girl, I’m a big girl.’ No I don’t! I don’t! I am thinking about other things. I’m thinking about my life. And where I’m at in my life and my body is – I love myself. I love myself!” Kamillion steps in to add, “I think we represent real women. Everyday women.” Osman continues, “Exactly. And sometimes people will be like, ‘you know, you’re not the average body type. Do you feel weird?’ I’m like last time I checked [size] 12/14 is pretty average. It’s actually the average. And I feel confident to look like a real woman because real women come up to me and they’re like ‘Thank God for y’all.’”


Tyler Lepley shares how his plan and goals have shifted throughout his career, especially after having children:

“In hindsight back then it [having children and branching out career wise] was the plan…the plan was just to search for a better life. So, you know, the one thing about trying to find your way to the top of the mountain is like, you don’t have to see the top of the mountain, as long as you see that step in front of you, that means you can just take it step by step. That’s really kind of how I got here.” He continued, “You know, whether it’s any role that I play, or you know, any relationship that I have, whether that’s with another person or myself, family member or whatever, I’ve always understood that relationships will always redefine themselves. Even the relationship I have with myself in my work. So as things and you know, family kept getting bigger, that’s on me to step up to the plate as it grows, you know what I mean? So it’s like, I never really thought that I was gonna have this much responsibility, but um, you know, I couldn’t see it any other way.”

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