Amber Rose Shares Her Outlook On Dating In Exclusive Interview With Tamron Hall

In a daytime exclusive interview on the Wednesday, January 3 edition of “Tamron Hall,” pop culture icon Amber Rose reflected on her rise to fame, entering the spotlight during her past relationships with famous exes including Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and more. During the candid conversation, Amber shared why it was so important to her to finally speak her truth on her new YouTube channel, @JustAmberRose, and detailed her close co-parenting relationship with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, who she deemed as her “best friend” during the interview.

The model, rapper and television personality also shared her joy surrounding her recent reconciliation with best friend Angela White(formerly “Blac Chyna”) and jokingly stated that she’ll “never love again” following previous breakups.

Amber Rose on her rise to fame during her relationships with famous exes including Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa:

“When people were so mad at me for becoming famous for being essentially a girlfriend initially – I was like, at some point, you have to blame the consumer ‘cause I’m not doing anything, like I’m just here. You know, I’m trying to make a living and I think the misconception is that once you get fame, you become a millionaire. That is not true. So you get this fame. And then for me, I had to say, ‘Okay, how do I make money? I need to become an entrepreneur. I need to start dipping my hands in everything and figuring out again, how to survive.’

Amber on her friendship and co-parenting relationship with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa:

“I think that me and Wiz are so like best friends now – we’re so far past being in love that I can say that now. It’s not like anything that we would circle back to or anything. We’re just friends and co-parents.” 

Amber on what she learned from her breakup with Wiz Khalifa:

Amber jokingly states, “Never love again, but then I did and the same thing happened. Stay away from me, that’s the lesson.” Amber then continues, Right now, I love myself. I love my kids. I’m not thinking about no man, Tamron. Not right now.” Tamron asks Amber about what her journey to love herself looks like, to which Amber replies, “Having my own schedule. Not worrying about what anyone else is doing. Not waiting for a text message. Not having to send a goodnight text when I don’t feel like it. Not worrying about what they ate today, or what they didn’t eat – I don’t have time. I’m worried about what I want to eat.”

Amber on finally speaking her truth through her new YouTube channel:

“I’m tired of not speaking up. I have not spoken up about anything – anything that I’ve ever been through in my life. My story. What people have done to me. I just always, you know…I grew up in South Philly. I grew up in the ‘hood.’ I grew up very…they breed us in South Philly to never snitch, never tell, never say anything and I’m tired. I’m 40 years old. I’m a mother, a hands-on mother, I have two children. I’m just ready for people to just get to know Amber. I’m tired of being so politically correct and, you know, saying the ‘right thing.’ I need to just be me, whatever that is, that’s what I’m gonna be.”

Amber on her reconciliation with Angela White:

“Yeah it’s just great to have her back and sober. I think that’s why we had to separate for a while. But, you know, all in all she’s doing great. I was just on the phone with her yesterday, so she’s doing good. I feel like I got my sister back.” 

Amber on how much of her past she shares with her two children:

“Not much.” She continued, “I wouldn’t say I shield them from everything, but I let them be kids.” Amber adds, “With a mother like me, he just knows. It’s been tidbits throughout his life. It wasn’t like one huge, big conversation.”

(ABC/Jeff Neira)

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