Andy Cohen Gets Candid About The Possibility Of Being Romantic With Anderson Cooper

Today Bravo host and best-selling author Andy Cohen stops by to discuss his new book, “The Daddy Diaries: The Year I Grew Up.” Andy Cohen also joked about dating Sherri, threesomes and spoke candidly about his unique friendship with Anderson Cooper. Cohen even shocked the audience by jokingly saying he would consider being in a “throuple” with the CNN anchor: “We could have some good threesomes, me and Anderson.” See quotes & clip below….

Andy Cohen: I think you and I should date!

Sherri: First of all, I was just just going to ask you about that.

Andy Cohen: We would be cute. I would not fulfill you sexually which would be a problem.

Sherri: See, you’d be the proponent for “can we get a threesome?”

Andy Cohen: Totally.

Sherri: I’ll be sitting over here with you and Anderson. I can’t handle both of you – DAMN!

[later in the conversation]

Sherri: … I was going to ask you …. you’re not married, you’re very single and you’ve talked about wanting to be married. I threw in Anderson Cooper’s name because you guys get along so well together.

Andy Cohen: We could have some good threesomes, me and Anderson [audience screams & laughs with surprise]. Excuse me, that is what it would take because we are truly just friends.

Sherri: Are you all like brothers?

Andy Cohen: Yeah, and we’ve gotten so much closer over the years. I love him to death. And it’s so fun being a part of a duo ….  we’ve toured the country – 50+ cities – and obviously we’re on New Year’s Eve every year. And we just have so much fun. And I love him and I love making him giggle! It just makes me really happy.

Sherri: Yeah, when you can make Anderson laugh that’s a good thing. So, we have to start looking for other people?

Andy Cohen: Yes, OR a throuple situation.

Photo credit: SHERRI/Debmar-Mercury

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