Anisa Beauty Makeup Brushes

I was in total need of some new makeup brushes. I have worn out the ones that I have and after washing them a ton of times, they have started to lose their shape and hairs. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a box at my door the other day and inside was some brand new makeup brushes from Anisa Beauty! I was super excited because I was just saying how I had to go out and buy some new ones, this was right on time lol! I loved the packaging, the color and the shape of each brush and how functional they are…

I have been trying my best to learn my face and to do my own makeup because I cover so many events in and outside of Atlanta that sometimes I can not find a makeup artist at the last minute. So trying out these makeup brushes were fun and it wasn’t hard after I figured out what each ones purpose was for. These particular brushes are mainly used for foundation and concealer, which is key for smooth application. Inside my package was also quick dry cleaning spray which I like too and it’s a travel size, so happy.

Makeup Brushes:

Multi-Powder Brush 

A modern-day powder puff intuitively designed for the perfect powder placement on face, neck and décolleté.

Perfectly pairs with blush, bronzer, highlighter, powder foundation and setting powder.

Pinnacle Foundation Brush

Specially designed triangular head shape easily applies a “second skin” layer of makeup, so you still look like yourself with great looking skin.

Perfectly pairs with cream blush, cream bronzer, cream contour, cream foundation, liquid foundation and tinted moisturizer.

Angle Concealer Brush 

Uniquely designed brush shape helps you cover and conceal imperfections or highlight your best features.

Perfectly pairs with color corrector, cream concealer, cream highlighter, liquid concealer and stick concealer.

I throughly enjoyed trying all the brushes and now it has made my makeup application so much easier, thanks for sending Anisa Beauty! xoxo

ANISA Beauty was created to revolutionize how you think about makeup and skincare.

At ANISA Beauty, it is our mission to provide you with essential tools to elevate and simplify your unique beauty routines. We make innovative and cruelty-free brushes that are inspired and informed by real consumer needs and rooted in our values of inclusivity, transparency and empowerment.

Each brush is thoughtfully designed for you to take charge of your skin and beauty, and to celebrate what makes you unique, no matter your skin type or age.

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