Actress Wendy Davis!


Actress Wendy Davis

TalkingWithTami: How did you land your part on Army Wives?

I normally read scripts and my agent sends me things all the time. When I heard about Army Wives, at first I thought it was corny lol. Once I got the script in my hands though, I fell in love with it and the character. I absolutely loved it! They had me at the first page! I went in and read the part and got the job.


TalkingWithTami: How did you prepare for your role as Lt. Col. Joan Burton?

Well first off, its extremely hard to find an African American Lieutenant lol. I did alot of research on army posts and would speak to lieutenant colonels. I  shadowed some of them at Fort Brag. I learned how they moved through their day to day lives. It was very informative.


TalkingWithTami: How was it working with Steven Speilberg? Amazing what can I say lol. We worked together on a show called, High Incident, it was only for one season. He is such an icon. He includes everyone in his projects. I found him to be very generous,kind. When he made Jurassic Park III he invited me down to the set at Universal Studios. He spotted me out of the crowd and said, “hey Wendy come on over here and I sat right next to him!

TalkingWithTami: When did you know acting was your ticket?

I guess I would have to say, when I went to college. I attended Howard University and my degree is in Theatre.  I was in college at the same time with Taraji P. Henson,Anthony Anderson,Carl Payne,Isaiah Washington,Wendy Racquel Robinson, Marlon Wayans.  The Alumni list is great. I learned so much going to a black college. The networking was fabulous.


TalkingWithTami: Can you tell us some hobbies of yours?

I love to be outdoors, minus the mosquitos lol. I love to hike! I also love to read, I know that sounds boring but I do. I am a self help book lover! I am currently reading about how to live Gluten Free.


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