Ashley Brooke’s Valentine’s Day Cake

Ashley brooke

I remember when my kids were younger, I would always bake them something. I LOVE to bake! My husband is a pretty good baker too and makes the best pound cake from scratch. He still refuses to give me the recipe too, smh! I used to make cookies, cakes and other desserts from scratch and you could not tell me I was not a professional baker lol. After the kids grew up and we moved south, I stopped baking and cooking all together because of my schedule, the teens having their own lives and my hubby is not here that much to enjoy.

So yeah, I kinda miss baking but I still follow a lot of foodie blogs and Ashley Brooke is one of my favs that I visit weekly. She has a lot of cute ideas on her blog, DIY projects and more. This cute Valentine’s Day cake that she made was simply inspired by one of Drake’s rap verses. It made me want to share with you guys plus this cake is super easy to make. Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, so this cake would be such a sweet treat to make. Check out more inside…

Ashley Brooke

You can pick up most of these ingredients at your local grocery store and even the decorations. Everything you need to know about this cake design is on Ashley’s blog here. What a cute surprise for someone you LOVE or just to have fun making. Happy Baking and ofcourse Happy Valentines’s Day! Xoxo

Ashley Brooke

Images via Ashley Brooke Design

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