Babies, Brunch And Conversation At Grace 17.20

I am still counting on how many breakfast, lunch and dinner birthday meetings I have had this week and last lol. Just know though, that it has been truly appreciated lol. Yesterday I met my dear friend Rosalynn Daniels(who’s also a lifestyle blogger) and her beautiful son Harvey AKA “Ivey” for lunch at a chic spot called, Grace 17.20 located at The Forum in Norcross, Ga. I had never been to this particular restaurant but have passed by it a few times. I really thought it was an upscale women’s store but it turned out to be a great place to have lunch. Rosalynn and I go WAY back to when she owned a fun Chic Boutique Tours business a few years ago, where she would take people around to unique boutiques.

She would rent a huge tour bus and we all would have signature cocktails, food, movies, games and giveaways as we rode up and down Atlanta freeways and streets. It was so well put together and who doesn’t love to shop right? It was so much fun and that’s how we met. Then years later, she got married to her hubby Harvey Daniels III esq( I attended the wedding) and they moved to sunny Los Angeles. At first, we kinda lost touch but with the power of social media, I was able to see her family grow with two beautiful children Harper and now Harvey IIII.

Harvey is 5mo now and he came along for all the conversation. He cut up just a bit because he wanted all the attention and I’m sure he was bored lol. It was a new environment for him too but he finally calmed down and got used to hearing us women talk trash lol. I waddled him and walked him up and down the restaurant floors talking to him and showing him around. That’s what honorary Aunties do lol. Not something you would normally do in an upscale restaurant but it was pretty slow yesterday while we were there lol.

In between chatting, we munched on smoked salmon, salad and fish n grits, it was quite tasty! I loved the atmosphere and the staff was very friendly and accommodating. Check out a few snaps and if you are in the area try this chic place, I loved it! Also, visit Rosalynn’s new blog where she teaches you about new recipes, crafts, home decor, family advice and more. Till next time! xoxo

Smoked Salmon

Shrimp & Grits

Me and Harvey IIII AKA Ivey

Grace 1720

5155 Peachtree Pkwy

Norcross, Ga 30092


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  1. The food looks amazing. I love exposing babies to new things. That’s great that he was able to tag along. He’ll appreciate it all soon.

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