Baby Ariah Housley Joins Girl Chat On ‘The Real’

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On Tuesday, May 17th, co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley’s adorable 9-month-old daughter Ariah Housley brings her irresistible cuteness to the “Girl Chat” table! The hosts contemplate how they’d look bald or with short hair and share their thoughts about people giving parenting advice who don’t have children of their own. Plus, it’s a “May-Kover,” as The Real glam squad makes over a studious new mom during the length of the show. 

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Ariah Housley Joins Girl Chat!

Loni Love: Everybody please welcome Miss Ariah Housley.

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Say hello! You want to hold her, Tay-tay?

Tamar Braxton: Can I hold her for a second?

Tamera: Okay. Yes, you can.

Tamar: I gotta get a feel for flavor of the babies.

Tamera: All right.

Tamar: Don’t I look cute?

Jeannie Mai: This is the perfect group of fashion!

Loni: We haven’t seen Ariah since she was born. She came out and made her debut. This is her first time. How old is she right now?

Tamera: She’s 9 months, you guys.

Adrienne Bailon: When you say we haven’t seen her, you mean like we as The Real program. I mean we seen her all the time.

Jeannie: Yes.

Loni: Right.

Tamera: Yes, you do. Are you ready for a little girl chat, Rye-rye? Tay-tay, you gotta let her go. I gotta put her in her seat, Tay-tay.

Tamar: She loves me so much. I just have to ask her one quick question.

Loni: What?

Tamar: Now, Rye-rye, we love you and stuff, but you just like everybody else so I have to ask you this question, so since you’re on The Real, are you ready to keep it real? You sure? You going to keep it real? Okay, then you can say I love you. Have a good day.

[Tamar gives Ariah a kiss.]

Tamera: Awwwww!

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