Beauty & Fashion Items I’m Currently Obsessed With

currently obssessed with

How are my fashinonistas out there! I have some really cool looking fashion and beauty items that arrived and I waned to share with you some of my favorite things! From bright colored lipsticks, eyeshadows shoes and more! I am going to have a great time for spring/summer events and looking so pretty! I’m totally obsessed with them! Check out more inside…

beauty and fashion items

So I received the following fun makeup collections, jewelry, polish and more! All listed below!

M.A.C. Wash n Dry Summer Collection Morange Lipstick, Makeup Bag, Veluxe Pearllfusion Shadow (coming soon)

OPI Primarily Yellow Color Paints

Fashion To Figure Gold Necklace

ShoeDazzle Rhoda Floral Wedges

beauty and fashion items

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