Beauty Vlogger Chrisspy Launches New Channel Trailer


Do you guys like beauty bloggers/vloggers? I know I have a lot of followers that love makeup like me and Chrisspy is one of the best online! I get a kick out of watching makeup videos and every since I got to meet Chrisspy here in Atlanta last year, we have been friendly. I follow her religiously on her YouTube page and she introduces me to beauty products that I have never seen before and how to apply makeup with different looks. With over a million and a half followers, she has really come a long way. She even stated in her latest compilation video how she had poor lighting, bad makeup tutorials and more when she started out but you know what, when know better, you do better.

Over time she has gotten better and better and thats all it takes  is consistency and perseverance. We ALL have to start somewhere and I give it to her for having the guts to put herself out there. Lots of people can’t do that or launch something because they are just too afraid. I’m a living witness to that too! Check out her latest video inside and follow her on instagram that she updates daily. xoxo

This is a compliation of all my tutorials, starting with my very first upload in 2012. What I see when I look at this video is how bad my lighting quality and makeup was. Jk, jk… I see growth and learning, and above all else I see a passion for makeup and connecting with my audience. Thank you for growing with me and I’m excited to continue on this journey together! Anything is possible! I love you guys!!


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