Becca Luminous Blush Set


Becca luminous blush

I was totally caught off guard yesterday afternoon when I got a knock at the door. It was a package from a beauty brand by the name of Becca. I never heard of them but was delighted to check out what it was. Inside the box was a blush gift set from their latest collection called, Luminous Blush. Have you guys ever heard of the brand? If so, I must have been under a rock because my daughter knew all about them and was so excited to try the cheek shades as well. Inside you can see all the pretty colors and thanks to Becca for the lovely gift! 

Blush Shades:

FoxGlove/soft pink

Blushed Copper/shimmery gold

Camellia/pale pink


SnapDragon/burnt orange

Dahila/rose pink

Visit the site to see all they have!

Becca luminous blush

becca luminous blush

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