Behind-The-Scenes Spring Fashion Photo Shoot With Bustle


On Monday, April 9th, I did a fashion shoot for the widely popular website Bustle! Have you guys ever heard of them? They have a very huge audience and it’s an online lifestyle website. They were interested in collaborating with me and getting to see my Atlanta style and I was so flattered! Once I got on set, I was interviewed and asked many questions about what I thought about Atlanta’s fashions and my personal style. I’m pretty eclectic I’ve said that before. I can wear high-end clothes to very reasonably priced items. I just love fashion and if it catches my eye and fits well, I will wear it. I also got to style 3 different women from different walks of life. I think I did a great job, I can not wait to share my photos and the article with you but do know, it’s pretty fabulous.

EVERYONE was so professional and great to work with too! It was a huge team and they flew in from New York City just to meet and work with lil ol’ me lol. I felt very special and we went on 3 locations and one of them was “the tunnel” which I had never been to in the city. It was a tunnel full of graffiti and I think the photos are going to be so cool! Check out more behind the scenes pictures inside and once I get the images back, I will post, so check back for that. Enjoy your day everyone! xoxo

The models and I

Loads of clothing, wow!

All these accessories to choose from

Loved this cowboy hat!

Love all the cute shoes!

Wardrobe options, I picked out this striped jumpsuit!

Makeup and hair all done, I’m ready, loved my look!

The glam squad, they were so nice!

Photographer Lauren, she was amazing!

Location at the tunnel

Quick fix

Images shot by me and Bryce

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