Big Daddy Kane New Documentary And Surprise Visit From Erika Alexander On Tamron Hall

On today’s “Tamron Hall,” hip-hop icon Big Daddy Kane joined the show to discuss his illustrious career and shared a sneak peek look at his new documentary “Paragraphs I Manifest.” Kane was later surprised by award-winning actress Erika Alexander who has publicly discussed her admiration for the artist. Alexander sat down with Tamron earlier in the show and spoke about her role in Hulu’s “Wu-Tang: An American Saga,” reflected on her early career and graciously spoke about the awards buzz surrounding her performance in her new film, “American Fiction.” See more inside and video clip…

Big Daddy Kane on why his new documentary is important:

“We have a lot of young hip hop artists today that are not going to get that guidance from the generation before them and I just felt like a documentary like this could showcase so many talented artists that have been amazingly successful, some of the pioneers, male point of view, female point of view, hearing their stories and the importance of lyricism, that they could really get a better understanding.” 

In light of recent awards buzz for her new film, “American Fiction,” Erika Alexander reflects on the challenging experiences that shaped her perspective on success. At last year’s Independent Spirit Award, Alexander was dropped off at the wrong entrance and had to cross a busy road and pass porta-potties to get to the event: 

“I believe that if you’re a person that lives in a marginalized community, that’s kind of the cross, the burden you bear, is to walk across hot sand, past porta-potties to victory.”

Photo Credit: ABC/Jeff Neira

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