Blogging Tips: How To Avoid Burn Out

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Lawd knows that sometimes I do not want to blog. I usually post about 5-7 posts daily and even on the weekends but lately I have NOT been feeling like blogging either. We all have been there and I visit a lot of my friends blogs and they haven’t posted in months. Yep, I think they are experiencing burn out! It happens to the best of us and I talk to fellow bloggers all the time and most say they just get either bored or frustrated because they are not getting the satisfaction or traffic they need or want. Its not for the weak and I tell newbies this all the time. Most blogs last about 3 months before they crash and burn, you want to know why? Step inside and I will tell yah why and also ways you can avoid burn out when blogging! 

Most people that start a blog think that readers will come overnight like a thief in the night, no baby, it takes time! Most people don’t have the patience for that! We are in the “microwave era”, with twitter, instagram, snapchat and more, we want results quick, fast and in a hurry but it doesn’t work like that.

People have this mindset that they will make a lot of money from blogging because they see there favorite bloggers getting sponsored campaigns, Twitter parties, flying here and there etc and they think they can do the same thing in three months or less. It took me YEARS to get to where I am.

You have to be consistent in blogging and update, update, update. If you do not get into the habit of this and disciplining yourself, you are not going to make it.

Here are a few tips that I do occasionally so that I don’t get burn out when blogging, hope this helps!

Do the research to find out things that people like to google, read and more to add to your site. Always keep your blog fresh.

Traveling and seeing new things helps to motivate me when blogging. I get new ideas when I see new things! It can be a quick road trip or a girlfriend getaway. See the world!

I read a lot of books believe it or not. You have to feed your brain and with that, your imagination goes wild from reading. That brain stimulation gives you creativity to blog.

Take a week off to rejuvenate yourself and to get the juices flowing again.

Take a workshop or head to a blogger conference to meet like minds. You would be surprised who you will meet that can share ideas with you. Make new friends in the blogosphere world!

Learn a new trade/hobby like coding, cooking, knitting etc. This could be something new that you can write about that your readers can enjoy and something else to add to your blog.

Ask the younger generation what’s hot, trending, cool gadgets or more. My teens keep me up to date and in the know!

Exercise relieves a lot of stress and gives you a boost of energy! I try to walk around my neighborhood or mall walk daily. Gives me a jump start to blog, try it!

Find someone who you really like that blogs and reach out to them and bounce ideas back and forth. Tell them to look at your blog and give you some suggestions. Hopefully you can return the favor!

Treat yourself! Make an appointment to get a message or pedicure. If you can’t afford the fancy places, there are lots of message/beauty schools that you can go to for half the price! It feels good and you will leave there feeling lively! Nothing like pampering yourself, hey you work hard!





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