Blogging Tips: Knowing When Is The Appropriate Time To Take ‘Selfies’ With Celebrities

I remember years ago when I moved here to Atlanta and started my cable access tv show. It was Fall of 2005. Then blogging came around by 2007. When I first heard about it, I never thought that blogging would be taken seriously. As time went on, technology got more advanced and so did social media. Now it seems as though you don’t really have to have a professional camera anymore, everything is right on your iphone/android with video and high res images to help you with blogging.

I remember back in the day, one thing that would get on professional photographers nerves was when bloggers would take photos on the red carpet. They would get so upset with us because they didn’t quite understand what “bloggers” were and most pr firms didn’t know what to do with us or where to place us on the red carpet.

The photographers didn’t want us in there area either, so they would stick us anywhere that they saw fit lol. Photographers felt threatened by us because they made money off of their images and we came around and put pictures out for free. Most of our photos would end up on our social media platforms and blogs, they hated that. NO more waiting one to two weeks to see the images from an event, we had them up the very next day lol! So people started to use our photos instead of waiting for weeks to buy theirs. Yes, times were changing fast. It was not exclusive anymore, the game had changed. We were not considered real media back in the day but they still had to acknowledge us because we were making noise. Yeah, a lot of folks were not happy.

Now its 2016 and as we all know, we see bloggers everywhere now! Bloggers have made great strides over the years and most do a great job of covering events, tweeting, instagramming and more. Some have even made full time careers out of it. We work with major brands now, seen in commercials and on television. You can really make a great living blogging and some that I know, make up to six figures and more. Most companies have now changed the name of bloggers to digital influencers, tastemakers, social media influencers and so on…

That made me think about the whole “selfie” phenomenon and how everyone is doing it now! It was so taboo back in the day and people would stare at you when you asked your favorite celebrity for a photo lol. Even some of the stars didn’t quite understand what you were trying to do because they were so outta the loop! You would think that they had money and fame and would be up on the latest technology but some were just ol’ school. Now you see stars taking selfies on tv shows, at the Oscars and so much more. They even have made selfie sticks to help you take a better photo! But then I had to think, when is it appropriate to take a selfie with your favorite celebrity?  Say that you are at some prestigious red carpet affair, the White House, luncheon etc? I have a few tips for the newbie bloggers out there that may want to know inside…

blogging tips

Few tips when it’s ok to take selfies/photos with celebrities etc

Always just use good ol’ common sense/judgement. That will take you far!

If the celebrity does agree to take a photo with you, by all means, have your cell phone out and ready to go! Please don’t waste their time by having to look for your phone, put in the password and open the camera, lawd have mercy, be ready…Smh!

Bloggers sometimes need to take pics with certain celebrities to make their posts more legit or for a good read. Thats just the way it is, so sorry! Believe it or not, if you don’t have the images, noone will believe you were there or that you actually met them.

If its a meet or greet, or private affair, the talent already knows in advance that they are there for photo opts. If they have time, they most likely will take pictures with you and they know what is going on. Just carry yourself very professionally at all times. Please do not “fan out” lol.

If you are shy, you can just take photos of the person but always ask first, please do not just go up to someone and put your cell phone in their face! You could make someone really angry and possibly be removed from the event.

Never ask a celebrity at a funeral or inside a church for a selfie! I can never see asking a person at a funeral for a picture, its extremely rude. That happened to Kanye West at his mom’s funeral. Thats a huge no no, don’t even do it! After church in the parking lot maybe lol.

Never interrupt a celebrity while they are having a deep conversation with someone else. They could be talking about a huge deal and here you come, walking up and interrupting them. That can lead to you getting embarrassed. Wait till they are done talking.

If you are invited out to an event, it is your job as a blogger to get images for you content. If they don’t have a house photographer to service you images of the event, you have to take your own photos. You just have to know how to ask in advance, get the proper protocol of what you can shoot and what you can not. Always ask plenty of questions before you head to an event.

Most pr firms now love when you take selfies with the talent, celebrities. They will definitely brief you before the event of who doesn’t mind taking photos etc. I have been to lots of red carpet events where its encouraged. To the public or someone on the outside looking in, they may not know this. You might think, wow that blogger was very adamant about getting a photo but what you may not know is, it may have been already set up prior for that celebrity to take a selfie with that blogger for good press etc. You just never know, so don’t judge!

I hope these tips help you, happy snapping! xoxo




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4 thoughts on “Blogging Tips: Knowing When Is The Appropriate Time To Take ‘Selfies’ With Celebrities

  1. Tami…you know I love your blogging series. These are great tips. When I really get out here with my blogging I will make sure these tips are in my head.

  2. Great tips. Especially the one about church. I’ve seen celebs worshipping with their families and wouldn’t dare sneak or ask for a photo. Just seems wrong.

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