Buckhead Pizza Co.

It was our last day with the Ford Fiesta so we decided to go to dinner. We went to a fun family restaurant called, Buckhead Pizza Co. Chef Sean was there to greet us and to show my kids how to make their very own pizzas! The kids were so excited and ready to become Chef Boyardee lol. My son said, “this is so beast mom!” Both of my kids love to cook. Chef Sean brought out pizza dough, toppings and lots of cheese. My son went with the more classic style pizza and my daughter put a twist on hers and created a crust with cheese inside. Chef Sean who’s the mgt partner of the restaurant said that was a first. Most kids just make a simple style pizza. Thats my daughter,she is so creative lol.

Bar area

patio area

Ingredients for pizza

Chef Sean giving some pointers for the perfect pizza

My son trying to get the perfect shape

Lil Terrell wanted more cheese lol

Chef Sean Kelly has been in the restaurant business forever. He use to manage Buckhead Life. He loves taking care of people and celebrating with them. He said,”no two days are the same”. He plans on bringing gluten free dough to the restaurant very soon and they’re under construction with a new location in the Cobb Galleria area. Buckhead Pizza Co. offers trivia on Wednesdays and live music & karaoke on Thursdays.

House Salad

BBQ Wings,oh so good!

This looks good doesn’t it? Yes it was lol

Fried Cheesecake!

I ordered the wings, since Chef Sean said that they were very popular and I’m glad I got them! They were so good and tangy! I also liked the house salad. The kids loved their pizza and I tasted both of them and they tasted awesome! We had a great time at the restaurant and please check them out with friends or family. Its a great place to go!

Hey yall, I’m stuffed lol


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