Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon

Shout out to Capital Cadillac for once again being a great supporter of Talking With Tami. I have so many events this week, plus it’s my boo’s birthday. I’m praying he makes it in off the road to come home for a few surprises I had planned. Pia and I zoomed over to Capital Cadillac in Smyrna to pick up the Cadillac SRX but they had sold 2 last night, so I got the CTS Sport Wagon instead.

Pia and I at Capital Cadillac

While picking up the car Ms.Nancy said hey Tami guess what! We just got the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe . You are one of the first to see it, it was just delivered! She showed me all the bells and whistle and boy thats a hot ride! Its built like a race car and she said you can drive it right off the showroom floor! The charcoal grey color is fierce! My son really liked the race car dash and the rims. The CTS-V Coupe is a very cool looking car,hopefully I will get to test drive this soon!

My son in heaven

Race car dash, hott!

Race Car seats

Loove the color of the seats

Fly rims!

My son’s dream car

It’s sporty looking and fun. My son and I stopped by Chick Fil A to grab a bite to eat and people stopped me to ask to take a look at it. They said wow that doesn’t look like a wagon at all. After going through the drive thru my son fell fast asleep. The Caddy rocked him to la la land lol.

A mess! The Caddy put him to sleep…lights out!

Interior, satellite radio,rear detection

Cadillac CTS sport wagon

plenty of trunk space

Nice thick tires, fab rims!

He is too funny but he enjoyed listening to the satellite radio ol school rap station lol. I’m taking my family on a lil trip this weekend and we need a lot of trunk space. I think this wagon will do just fine. Thanks so much Nancy over at Capital Cadillac you guys rock!

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