Cardi B Gets Ready For The Met Gala With Vogue

Rapper Cardi B turned heads during the Annual Met Gala this year in New York City! The them was “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty”. Fashion Stylist Kolin Carter talked about how they represented the House of Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. Cardi said she gets anxiety each year she goes. The 30-year-old rapper jokingly said its like competing with herself every year lol. The mom of two said if she could talk to him she would ask for a discount at Chanel store and that she knows that he is smiling but annoyed at the same time lol. She said should would also tell him that he’s amazing and iconic!

Cardi arrived to the gala wearing a platinum silver wig, headband with matching gloves and a white blouse with tie and Chanel textured ball skirt that was inspired by a Chanel boy bag with camellia flower appliqu├ęs. She told journalist that, you know when you get a Chanel purse, it always comes with a white flower. See the video clip inside, she looked like a doll baby!



Image via Instagram

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