Cheaper to Keep Her: My review

Vivica A.Fox(Morgan Mays)Brian Mcnight(Raymond Mays) star in this wonderful romantic stage play, Cheaper to Keep Her. The play is held at Atlantic Civic Center and only here for a few days. I attended last night and I just want to tell you, that it was the best play I’ve seen in a long time!

Raymond is a doctor who’s married to Morgan but he’s having some issues in their relationship. They have some very caring friends that love them dearly, thats there for moral support when things go sour. The play is full of laughter, singing, great acting and issues that we all face going through life. Christian Keyes stole my heart on stage when he walked out! I never heard of this actor but the women in the crowd loved him and so did I!

I loved the ending and as a married women, I understand how more couples need to fight for their marriage. The play was great and produced by Vivica A. Fox and written by Je’Caryous Johnson.

Media also got to meet all of the actors after the play backstage where there was food, drinks and close friends waiting to greet them. Vivica looked great as usual and I gave her some Cami Cakes to say job well done. Brian McNight walked around and mingled with everyone and so did the other cast members. Then my new crush walked in Christian Keyes!  I bee lined right over to him to say hello and introduced myself. Swoon! He was very charming with a winning smile and ladies he smelled divine! I almost passed out when we took our pic together and I just had to fill those abs of his! Wow! He gave me his contact because he told me he had soo many other projects coming out,cant wait to see! He told me that he also has starred in lots of the Madea plays.

Please check out Cheaper to Keep Her, it’s a must see! You will leave satisfied and happy that you came out! Grab your tickets because it won’t be here long!

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