Cherish Your Relationships And Always Keep In Touch

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Lisa Wu and I

I remember when I was growing up, we moved around a lot. Everytime I would try to make friends, we were packing up to move and I would cry my eyes out. Back then, they didn’t have cell phones, we had those heavy phone books(ATT yellow & white pages) that only your grandma kept at the house lol. My mom had a small phone book but she didn’t keep up with my friends info in it. She didn’t care or realize how important it was for me to keep in contact with my friends. It always bothered me though and now that I am older, I always wonder what ever happened to my elementary school mate, one in particular was a girl named Ann. Thats all I really remember about her, just her first name.

She was Caucasian with long black straight hair. We were next door neighbors when I lived off of Harvard Avenue back in Cleveland, Ohio. We had to be five or six years old. I wish I knew more information about what happened to her but I don’t. I would go over her house and we would play with dolls. She had a really huge dollhouse that her dad built her that I loved. Her mom would make us snacks and I really loved their family dynamics. I asked my mom if I could get a dollhouse and finally she got me one for Christmas but after a few moves, it got broken up and thrown in the garbage.


My point of this post today is to really value all your friendships that are genuine. From childhood on, make sure your keep in touch. Even if its just to say hello, how have you been, just checking up on you. I also send a lot of letters back home to my dear friends, just to show them, I care. ¬†Sometimes when people see that I don’t post about my girlfriends on my blog or see them on my instagrams, they think we fell out but that is so far from the truth. I stay in constant contact with all my girlfriends/friends on a regular basis. We all have very busy schedules which is true. But we still find time to text, pick up a phone and call each other, meet for lunch etc. It’s always a good thing and I teach this behavior to my own kids. Always be supportive of one another too, uplift each another and give your honest opinion/advice on things that are sometimes not what they want to hear. I just wish that I would have had the opportunity to keep in touch with some of my really good friends back home during my childhood. With modern technology now and with the creations of social media like Facebook, I was able to find a few of them. Love and cherish each of your friendships¬†near and far, it means a lot. Till next time! xoxo


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  1. Nope. I gotta cut these ladies off and leave them behind. There is always a valid reason for losing touch. People change. Female friends are draining. All I need is God and my husband.

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