Christmas Tree Do’s And Dont’s

According to a survey conducted by The Real Christmas Tree Board, the cost of real Christmas trees is expected to increase anywhere between 5%-20% this year, which may cause some people to make the switch to artificial trees, a more cost-effective option over the long run. Whether you’re sticking with the real thing, or going artificial, there are a few things buyers should know.

John DeCosmo, president of Chicago-based Ulta-Lit Tree Company, invented a unique device that brings string lights back from the dead by repairing the shunt and resetting the electric pathway. From working in the Christmas business for over 20 years, he’s learned several do’s and don’ts when it comes to trees.

For first time artificial tree buyers, here’s what people need to know:

Don’t: Leave the house without measuring. Unlike real trees, cutting a bit off the top or bottom isn’t an option. Determine your ceiling height, and subtract a foot to leave room for the tree and topper.

Do: Check for broken bulbs or sockets, burnt out light, and loose connections. A To make sure your tree is always bright, consider having a repair solution on deck. The LightKeeper Pro and LED Keeper repair broken incandescent and LED light sets used for holiday decorations. Check out how it works here.
For those who like to keep it old school and prefer the real thing, here are two tips to remember:

Don’t: Place your live Christmas tree within three feet of a radiator or any heat source. According to the National Fire Protection Association, live-tree fires outnumber artificial-tree fires by 3-1 and cause 20x more injuries.

Do: Water your tree daily. Be sure to cut ½ inch off the stump once the tree is bought or when you get it home. A poorly watered tree will lose its scent quicker. To keep that Christmas scent in the air, consider using a ScenTree diffuser, which can hang on the tree like an ornament. It fills the room with scents of cooking, cocktails and more for 30 days.

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