Cirque Du Soleil Ovo: My Review

I was under the blue and yellow striped big top last night at Atlantic Station to review Cirque Du Soleil Ovo. People rushed to their seats and chatted about what they would do this year.Last years, Cavalia was breath taking. Everyone was smiling and excited for the show to start. There were characters in the crowd catching bugs off of the audience’s heads while a man in a blue costume walked around with a huge egg on his back.

Ovo is a tale of how bugs live, play, work and go through emotions like human beings. It’s also a love story of two bugs that meet and fall in love. A bug stumbles onto a unfamiliar village of insects and they steal his egg(Ovo) and he attempts to get it back. You will see all sorts of insects in the show like ants, dragonflies, butterflies, cockroaches,mosquitos,spiders,grasshoppers and more!

The insects dance, sing, pop out of the ground,slide down poles and do acrobatic moves. It was so amazing to watch. The set design is very vibrant in color and it looks like you’re in a huge world of a bug’s life. The costumes are brilliantly made and move with them as they act out their scenes.

There are 9 acts in the show. Some of my fav acts were:

Ants: These asian girls are amazing in the show and juggle huge kiwi with their feet. I saw them at the Universoul Circus last year and they are still fun to watch. They also juggle each other, fantastic!

Creatura: I dont know what this was but it creeped me out but it was entertaining to watch. It’s really big and did all sorts of tricks. I was trying to figure out if it was 2 people in that costume the whole time! Loved it!

Orvalho(Hand Balancing): This guy was fabulous and did a lot of cool tricks. It takes a lot of strength to balance your whole body on a thin stick lol.

Slackwire: This guy did a tight rope act like no other! He had me on the edge of my seat as he did tricks with a flimsy wire like it was nothing! He also rode a unicycle upside down on his chin, you don’t want to miss this! geesh!

Wall: If you get a lil sleepy while watching the show, this right here will wake you right up! Me and my friend Julian mouth flew open when the acrobats performed on the wall. The stunts they did and their wall climbing skills were something to see! I can’t say anything more ,YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! OMG!

We had a fabulous time and the free popcorn,chocolate and drinks(wine & soda)plus great seats were all we needed for a great night out at Circque Du Soleil Ovo! We loved the show and others around us said it was fabulous! I can’t wait to go back next week to see a dress rehearsal and meet some of the cast! The show will be here from Nov 4-December 19th so get your tickets! Thanks to The Edelman Group for the media tickets! xoxo

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