Cleaning With Mean Green Super Strength

Many years ago, I remember going to the car wash with my husband and sitting there reading a fashion magazine while he washed and cleaned his car. His hot rod was his prize possession and I remember him always talking about using Mean Green products. He worshipped and lived by them and his car and rims were spotless. After buying our first house, he would run to the store to purchase the same products to clean the bathrooms and kitchen. So I have been very familiar with Mean Green for over 20 years now! I was so excited to receive an email from the brand asking me to try some of their latest super strength products and to find out what was new. My husband would be so proud of me, since he lives by this stuff lol. 

If you have teenagers, you know that they can be quite lazy when it comes to cleaning around the house. I was recently on a four-day press trip and when I returned home, the kitchen and bathrooms didn’t look so tidy. Trust me, it could have been worse but it wasn’t like how I would have left it.

Then I remembered the Mean Green in the storage cabinet and I got to cleaning the kitchen, mainly the stove top and microwave that is used a lot. I already knew the outcome would be shiny and sparkly afterwards. Boy did it take me back to my husband’s spotless car after he used the same products. So now my kitchen is back to normal until the next episode lol. Till next time.

After Using Mean Green Orange Champ Multi Purpose

To find out more information about Mean Green click here and trust me when I say, its a great product to use for everyday cleaning items and so much more! xoxo

*This was a sponsored post the views and opinions are my own.

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