“Coco before Chanel” recap


I was invited out last night to a private screening of Coco Before Chanel. Jezebel hosted a great pre party before the screening at the beautiful W Hotel in Buckhead. I loved seeing all the ladies come out in their little black dressses, tweeded blazers, chanel purses and ofcourse their fab pearls! I love dressing up and going to all these fun parties in Atlanta, we represent well. All this weekend I’m swamped with fun affairs, what’s a girlie to do, ha!


While at the party, I saw Mycheal Knight from Project Runway. I asked him what he was up to and he said,” still designing”. He said he doesn’t like to be on the seen as much but he is around. He said he couldn’t wait to see the movie because Coco Chanel was one of his favorite designers. He said, “Tami did you know that pink flower you’re wearing is Coco Chanels favorite flower,the Camellia?” I had no clue, so wow, I felt stylish.


After having some bubbly and mingling, we headed over to the theatre to watch the movie. When the film started, I instantly noticed they spoke in French. I was a lil turned off by the subtitles but it wasn’t that bad and quickly had to remember the 6 years I took french lol. I thought they would have gravitated over to English but they never did. I found out alot about Gabrielle Coco Chanel. Her nickname “Coco” meant lil pet. A guy who admired her, named her that. She was a singer first, then started designing hats, then moved on to clothing.


Coco reminded me of my Godmother alot. My God mom smoked and sewed. She was a socialite who taught me alot about being feminine and to always look like a lady. She had alot of skeletons in her closet too, that I wont reveal but let’s just say that she took care of her business. She was no fool and never let a man take advantage of her.


I really didn’t care for the movie, it was not what I expected. It mainly focused on her life before the she became a famous designer, which I really didn’t care to learn about. They showed her with random men that were either married or in a relationship. She seemed very cold hearted and out for her own gain to me. I love Chanel and dont own any of her pieces but knowing about her past and affairs didn’t make me want to like her. She probably wouldn’t have given me the time of day, lol.

The movie dragged on about her broken heart and yearning for a married man, so I was bored to pieces. Maybe because Im married, so I was not impressed lol. One of her true loves (I guess) got killed in a car accident and her other lover took her to car crash, who does that? This chic was ruthless, I tell yah. Audrey Tatou did an amazing job playing her, she looked very pretty in the movie.

The costumes in the movie were to die for. The hats and dresses were fabulous! At the end of the movie they showed Coco Chanel at her design house. When the models come down the stairs in her creations, you sit straight up in your seat. That made up for the boring parts, to me because the pieces in the collection were jaw dropping!  Well, if you want to see this movie check it out, its in stores now, it was released back in April.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” ~ Coco Chanel

I would like to thank Jezebel Magazine for the personal invite, your pre party was fun!






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