A Conversation With ‘Jon The Stylist’

jon the stylist

I have been working with Fashion Stylist Jonathan Hamilton(Jon The Stylist) for over 6 months now and I must say, its been quite the experience! I have never worked so closely with a stylist in my life and now that I have had the experience of working with someone, I have become so addicted now lol. Jon does not style me for every single thing that I attend but the majority of time, I either reach out to him via Facetime, text message or phone to get his personal opinion on a look. He has always told me that I’ve never really did a bad job of dressing myself but that I just needed fine tuning. I definitely understand that but what I really wanted to talk about today was a great conversation I had with him while he gave me a chic razor cut…

We were talking about people in the industry and how a lot of people don’t really understand or find the need to hire a stylist. I have a few friends in the industry that are celebrities and he has commented on their style and said that they look “ok” but they could be on another level but most just don’t understand or see the need to invest in themselves or their brand. I had to agree that its an extra expense that most people don’t want to spend but to think that in the short amount of time that I have been working with Jon, he has really made a lot of brands take notice in me. Its such a great investment. From my new look with my hair, makeup and clothing choices, it has definitely made a difference.

Here in Atlanta, its like a plague where people expect you to work with them for free on so many levels. Jon is not that kind of stylist and he takes his work very seriously. I’m very grateful to have him in my life and I appreciate and listen to him because he actually really knows what looks best on me, my body type and I have even noticed a great improvement.

Key tips from Jon…

Your undergarments will make or break a look!

Have confidence and own your look, it works everytime.

You pay for what you get!

Invest in a few key pieces, nice designer handbag, shoes and classic pieces in your closet.

Always carry yourself well and accordingly.

I do not have a large budget where I can just go out and buy designer shoes and clothing for every event but I do work with a lot of nice brands that are nice enough to keep me dressed for different occasions. Jon stressed to me that it’s not all about spending a lot of money on designer pieces either. He stated that its more about how it fits and how you wear things. I try to mix high and low price points so that my readers and followers can see how they could then turn around and shop my look and its still relatable, that’s the key. You never want to turn someone totally off and make items and looks unattainable. I love working with Jon, he understands me and my personality. If you are ever in need of a stylist here in Atlanta or somewhere else, hiring a stylist can really change your life and opportunities. Till next time! xoxo

Jon The Stylist

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  1. I love the way he styles you and others! He definitely knows his work! It’s amazing how one small change makes such a huge difference! I’m definitely taking notes from you two!!

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