Cool Product: Mouth Jarring Salads

mouth jarring salads

Hey guys wanted to share with you a cool product that I was introduced not too long ago! I had posted on my Facebook that I was gearing up for my Annual Girls Night In which is a very intimate evening with fun, laughter, girl bonding and more! We have cocktails, food, desserts and swag bags. I try to find really cool places to host them and it has become apart of my brand that I really love! Its usually five women from all walks of life that I invite out and we just have fun! So this week I announced that I was planning it when a friend that follows me told me about her product called, Mouth Jarring Experience! I thought these would be great to have at my event and they are perfect for all this heat here too! I know for me living in Atlanta when it gets warmer out, I love to munch on cold salads or fruit! So if you live here in the area try out Nikita Richardson’s salads they look yummy! Check out a few different salads they offer inside.


Mouth Jarring tm Experience is a fresh, innovative product of layering salads, soups, fruits and desserts inside of Mason Jars. We use the freshest ingredients and guarantee a shelf life of up to FIVE days. xoxo

mouth jarring salads

Smok’n Salmon

mouth jarring salads


mouth jarring salads

Cobb Country

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  1. They all look good. It’s almost 2:00 and I still don’t know what I am having for lunch. I wish I was closer. My options aren’t stacking up.

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